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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Diamond Care

Diamonds are the hardest substance on earth. They are uniquely resistant to damage by heat or scratching, and can be cut or polished only by another diamond but an extremely hard blow to the girdle can cause a diamond to chip. By having your diamond set in a relatively protective setting, and remaining conscious of it on your finger, you can keep your diamond intact for a lifetime. 

Exposure during ordinary wear to perspiration and household chemicals, like chlorine and hairspray, can cause buildup that dulls the surface of a diamond. We suggest periodic cleanings to keep the diamond brilliant and refractive. 

This stone diamond engagement ring has been
exposed to household chemicals

Cleaning your Diamond
When you purchase a diamond at Diamonds by Eyal, you will receive a lifetime of cleaning and maintenance of your stone. From time to time, it is a good idea to have your diamond cleaned and have the security of the setting checked.
Storing your Diamond Jewelry
We recommend that all diamond jewelry is stored individually in soft cloth pouches when not being worn to prevent the diamond or diamonds from scratching or dulling other jewelry.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

$500 & Under: Gorgeous Diamonds By Eyal Jewelry

Diamonds by Eyal has beautiful and affordable pieces. Whether your doing early Christmas shopping, looking for a gift for that special someone, checking out our great deals or just like looking at brilliant jewelry pieces, you've come to the right place.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Gorgeous Engagement Rings! Which would you wear?

Whether you’re doing some research for him, want to delight in happily-ever-after daydreams or just like looking at pretty diamond rings, Diamonds by Eyal is the place for you.

Classic Solitaire
Diamond Solitaires are a classic expression of love.
They perfectly showcase the brilliance and charm of the diamond. Solitaires will never go out of style and they make good heirloom pieces.

Halo Settings

One of the hottest trends, the Halo Pave engagement ring enhances the diamond's beauty makes it appear larger, while increasing the ring's brilliance. 

Antique Style 
Vintage and Antique Engagement Rings are romantic and beautifully crafted. The exquisite features combine for gorgeous intricacy. These rings evoke a feeling of treasured family heirloom.

Fancy Colored

Just gaining popularity colored stone engagement rings, they are perfect for the girl who likes to stand out from the crowd. The rings are pricey because fancy colored diamonds are quite rare.      Celebrities have increased the popularity of these eye-catching rings.

Three-Stone Rings

Three-stone engagement rings represent the past,
present and future.The three stones signify love in the past, love in the present and love in the future. The three-stone ring is not exclusive to proposals, it can be given as a gift on many occasions. A timeless way to say "I love you".

Tension Settings
Tension setting engagement rings are very unique and modern.Most contemporary styles feature a bezel-set and a design in which the diamond seems to float. Tension rings are also budget friendly and graceful.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Diamonds By Eyal FAQs


Q: Which shape is the most popular?
The round brilliant cut. Approximately 75% of all diamonds sold today, particularly for engagement rings, are round.
Q: What is a facet?
A facet is a flat face or plane that has been cut and polished on a gemstone. Facets are placed at varying angles to one another. The placement, angle and shape of the facets are carefully planned and executed to maximize the stone’s inherent fire, color and brilliance.
Q:What are inclusions?
Inclusions are the tiny “birthmarks” inside the stone that make every diamond unique. They refer to any mineral or crystal trapped within the diamond crystal at the time it is being formed deep within the earth.

Nearly all diamonds – even those of the highest quality – have some inclusions, which fall into these categories: Mineral inclusions – a dark spot from a trapped bit of mineral. Feathers – internal cracks or fractures caused by either internal or external stress during the diamond’s formation.
Q: What are “fancy” diamonds?
There are two interpretations to the term “fancy diamond.” The most common use relates to cut or specific shape of the diamond. Fancy refers to any diamond cut other than round including: marquise, pear, oval, emerald, princess, radiant and heart shapes.

The second fancy reference is to diamonds that have a prominent body color, such as canary yellow, brown or blue. 
Some diamond colors are much more rare and valuable than others. For example, diamonds are often found in shades of yellow and brown. But colors such as blue, pink and light green are uncommon. Deep pink is particularly rare.
Q: Do inclusions and color affect sparkle?
Only to a degree. Sparkle relates to the diamond’s brilliance – the intensity of the white light reflected back to the eye when you look down into a diamond. It is really the cut and proportioning of the stone that determines its sparkle. In some instances, a small white or black inclusion could be reflected within the stone.

In regard to color, a white or colorless stone allows the diamond to cleanly reflect and refract light. When white light enters the diamond, part of the ray is reflected back to your eye, but the rest penetrates the stone. That ray is deflected toward the center of the stone by the facets, and then bounces back to the surface. Like a prism, the diamond refracts the white light into its full spectrum of color.

Again, the cut of the stone is the single most important determinant of a diamond‘s brilliance and fire.
Q:Can you scratch a diamond?
Yes, but only with another diamond. The diamond is the hardest substance known to man and is almost 100 times more resistant to scratching than the next hardest material.

If I hit my diamond (on a counter, with a hammer, etc.) will it crack or break? It very well could. Even though the diamond is the hardest substance known to man, it can still be damaged if struck hard and against the grain. Think of the diamond’s crystal structure as similar to the grain of wood. There are growth lines as well as a “hard” and a “soft” direction. A blow against the grain of a diamond can cause it to crack, chip, split or even shatter.

In fact, diamond cutters determine how to cut a stone based on their understanding of the rough crystal”s structure and growth lines.
Q: What is a certificate?
A certificate is a diamond grading report issued by an independent laboratory detailing the diamond's weight, dimensions, color, clarity and cut. The GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and EGL (European Gemological Laboratory), whose standards are the strictest in the diamond industry, are the undisputed international authorities on diamond grading and gem identification. The GIA issues a Diamond Grading Report or Diamond Dossier. The EGL calls their report a Diamond Certificate.
Q: Is a certificate the same thing as an appraisal?
No. A diamond appraisal is the opinion of an individual appraiser as to the quality of a diamond and his/her opinion as to the monetary cost of replacing the stone. An appraisal is useful only as a tool for the insurance industry when a customer needs something replaced due to loss or theft. Appraisals are typically far above the actual retail cost of a diamond. In contrast, a certificate is issued by an independent laboratory that has had one or more staff members evaluate the stone for its specific quality. A certificate contains no price estimates; it is simply the assessment of the lab as to the exact quality of the diamond you are selling.
Q: Can I order a piece of jewelry in a different metal or different finger size?
Yes, we can order almost any metal or ring size.

Thursday, September 1, 2011


The classic engagement ring is composed of two parts: a diamond and a setting. For the best value, find the engagement ring setting she'll love then devote the remainder of your budget to a beautiful, diamond. 

How much Should I Spend?
This is an emotional event, and a purchase that will last a lifetime. The two-months salary convention is a common starting point, regardless of the amount you budget, your most important considerations should be quality and value. This guide will help you choose an engagement ring setting she'll love, and decide on the right combination of diamond size and quality, so you're sure to choose the perfect ring. Diamonds by Eyal is the right place to do so.