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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Investor's Best Friend- Fancy Colored Diamonds

       Investing in fancy colored diamonds has gained popularity over the past three decades. Fancy colored diamonds have significantly increased in value over the past years. Even the most conservative investors are investing in these colored beauties.
       Fancy diamonds are ageless and never loose their brilliant & sparkle. A fancy colored diamond is durable and transportable. It is also rare which makes it extremely valuable. For every 10,000 carats of white diamonds there is 1 carat of fancy diamonds. Investing in colored diamonds is considered a "long term investment" because it creates long-term prosperity for the investor. These rare diamonds maintain their value but appreciate greatly.
Researchers are expecting fancy colored diamonds to triple in price in the future.
       The most common fancy color is yellow, while the rarest is red. Other fancy colors include blue, green, pink and orange. All fancy colored diamonds, whether yellow or red, are predicted to increase in price tremendously over the next 30 years.
       Investing in fancy colored diamonds is a great way to preserve your wealth.If you decide to invest in fancy colored diamonds make sure the certificate has the word "natural" on it.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentine's Day Special: Hearts and Arrows Cut Diamonds

Valentine's Day is a couple days away!
There is no better time than now to read about the Hearts and Arrows diamond cut. Most jewelers emphasize the importance of all the 4 "C"s; we like to focus on the cut. The cut is the most important "C" because it can enhance the brilliance of a stone and transform it from "dull" to brilliant". 
Everyone purchasing a diamond should consider and know about the Hearts and Arrows (H&A). The H&A diamond is one of our absolute favorites. The Hearts and Arrows Diamond is cut and aligned to "ideal" proportions. H&A Diamonds are precision cut variations of the 57 faceted brilliant round cut. Hearts and Arrows are extraordinary in delivering high brilliance, fire and sparkle. The symmetry of the H&A allows light to enter and reflect back out. The brilliance makes the diamonds appear larger and whiter. We like to say "diamonds are like people, some diamonds are dull while others are blooming with happiness". The Hearts and Arrows diamond is a diamond that stands out from the crowd. The brilliance of the Hearts and Arrows is superior to that of other fine cut diamonds of the same size.

The Hearts and Arrows diamond originated in Japan in the mid 1980's. They became popular in the United States around the 1990's. Since the Hearts and Arrows have optically perfect symmetry they take much longer to cut than other diamonds. Less than 1% of diamonds are qualified as Hearts and Arrows. The Hearts and Arrows are superior in value and price. 

With the use of Hearts and Arrows viewer you can see the symmetric patterns of the Hearts and Arrows diamond. When viewing a Hearts and Arrows from the top (crown) you will see 8 symmetrical arrows. When flipped over to the pavilion side you will see a  pattern of 8 hearts with small "V" shapes. 
Diamonds By Eyal has an unmatched inventory of Hearts and Arrows diamonds. Call to make an appointment so you can see these beauties.
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